Asian Rhinoplasty Specialist

Randal Pham, MD, MS, FACS

Plastic Surgeon & Ophthalmologist located in San Jose, CA

If you choose to adjust the shape or size of your nose, it’s likely important to you that you still look like yourself and that the procedure is designed especially for your face shape. At his two offices in San Jose, California, plastic surgeon Randal Pham, MD, MS, FACS, provides Asian rhinoplasty surgery to reshape your nose to your specifications. To consult with Dr. Pham about an Asian rhinoplasty, call his office or book an appointment online today.

Asian Rhinoplasty Q&A

What is an Asian rhinoplasty?

An Asian rhinoplasty is a specific cosmetic nose surgery technique that uses an implant to add more structure to your nose. Unlike other forms of rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty is designed specifically for patients of Asian heritage who want to give their nose a more defined look. Dr. Pham designed and patented porous polyethylene implants that are L-shaped to give your nose a straight ridge and a prominently pointed tip.

It’s important to note that Dr. Pham works hard to ensure that the result of your Asian rhinoplasty looks natural. The procedure enhances your natural features without making you look like a different person or a different race. 

What can an Asian rhinoplasty do?

There are many adjustments that Dr. Pham can make to your nose’s shape or structure with an Asian rhinoplasty. Using this technique, Dr. Pham can:

  • Make your face more balanced
  • Define the tip of your nose
  • Make your nostrils more narrow
  • Give you a stronger or straighter bridge
  • Fix injuries and deformities

Dr. Pham may reposition the bones and cartilage in your nose to help make these changes. Like other cosmetic surgeries, Asian rhinoplasty is highly personalized. You should attend a consultation beforehand with Dr. Pham to discuss the results you’d like to see. He creates a surgical strategy to address your preferences while keeping the natural balance of your face in mind. 

What should I expect during recovery after my Asian rhinoplasty?

Recovering from Asian rhinoplasty surgery takes some time, but you should be able to return to work and other mild daily activities after about a week. At the end of the operation, Dr. Pham attaches a splint to your nose to hold it rigid as it heals. Dr. Pham removes the splint a week after your procedure.

After Dr. Pham removes the splint, you’ll likely still see some swelling and bruising around your nose. Dr. Pham may give you some medications to control pain and reduce swelling. After about three weeks, the swelling and bruising should start to subside, and you’ll start to see the final product. Residual swelling can last for up to three months, but you shouldn’t have any visible, lasting scars.

If you would like to explore the possible results of an Asian rhinoplasty, call Randal Pham, MD, MS, FACS, or book an appointment online today.